Cineplex Studios will still continue our relationship with the Amazon Prime service as our distribution platform. In addition to this, Cineplex ‍‍‍Studios will be offering a fully customizable unique demo reel service to actors.

The future looks brighter than ever before with the leadership of Mercedes Brito.





Mercedes Brito

‍‍‍The Attorney/Actress recently became a full business ‍‍‍partner with t‍‍‍he founder Fred Copeland, to carry Cineplex Studios into a profitable future with a clear vision.  

‍‍‍Mercedes has developed a solid plan that adds to the services and diversify what Cineplex Studios does for actors.  Starting early 2018, Cineplex Studios under the direction of Mercedes Brito will be adding a cable TV commercial production/distribution division along with a ground-breaking, one of a kind acting lab.