Cineplex Studios is working on the following projects:

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Cineplex Studios is currently developing and producing series for Amazon Video and Amazon Prime.  More info coming soon.


Hawaiian Sovereignty

A fictional dramatic TV series based on historical facts.  Our series focuses on the continuing struggle the people of Hawaii trying to reclaim their Sovereignty back from the United States.


Linda Wong serves as an Executive Producer at Cineplex Studios. Since becoming a part of the Cineplex Studios management team, Linda has taken on the additional duties of DP and Assistant Director on the Sovereignty TV serie‍‍‍s.  She has also performed as an actress in Leilani and Sovereignty.

Linda is also a junior partner of Cineplex Studios.  This allows her the opportunity of helping with the development of different story ideas and other show development.

Meet the Cineplex Studios Junior Partner

Introducing the all new Cineplex Studios management team comprised of Junior Partners.  Fred Copeland is the Senior Partner.

The Junior Partners each have their own business specialty and provide an enormous talent on the business side of Cineplex Studios.  They range from production management to legal and social media.    

For the past eight years, Cineplex Studios has been producing content for Network Affiliate TV such as the CW, Fox-TV and ABC-TV.  We have produced successful shows like the sci-fi series Destiny.  The founder, Fred Copeland is a former ABC morning news producer and has been in the Hollywood industry since 1983.  He has formed Cineplex Studios to give people opportunities that are not easy to come by in the business.  Fred is a SAG new media producer and is a signatory with the Writers Guild of America west, with about a dozen television series produced by him.

Currently Fred Copeland is developing multiple series titles that will show on both Amazon Video and Amazon Prime later this year.  The goal is to have a full year worth of programming, releasing one episode per week.


Amazon produ‍‍‍ctions

‍‍‍(Com‍‍‍ing Soon)

Meet the production management team for Solitaire, now in production.  Steven Weinglass serves as Executive Producer. Simone Goergens is co-producer and location manager.  

Kelly Godfrey heads up the new super-hero production division of Cineplex Studios.  As  the Producer Kelly will oversee the development and filming of all the new original super-hero series that Cineplex Studios will be placing on Amazon.