Episode 1

Leilani can not stand anything about her culture discovers that she is royal Hawaiian blood and that she now has the responsibility to restore the Hawaiian Monarchy and sovereignty back to the Hawaiian people.

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Episode 2

Someone has murdered the Kumu’s sister and Leilani thinks that the United States government is out to get them. 

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Episode 3

Leilani goes into hiding knowing that an assassin is out to kill her.

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Episode 4

Leilani, under house arrest discovers through her lawyer that her best friend Kristi is planning on betraying her. 

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Episode 5

Leilani, desperate to keep control in forming the new government enlists some of her enemies to protect her reign of power. 

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The Leilani series is the backstory to the Hawaiian Sovereignty series.  Now you can see how this modern day epic tale got started and how it carries through in the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement.  This particular part of the story is told from the Hawaiian perspective.  We hope that you’ll enjoy this fictional series based on historical facts.