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Hawaiian Sovereignty 

Welcome to the Hawaiian Sovereignty TV series.  This is a fictional series based on historical facts and for the first time, deals with the real life Hawaiian Sovereignty movement.  The show does not take sides one way or the other, rather we show the audience both sides of the story and let you make up your mind for yourself.  We would like to think of this series as a ‘what if’ type of story told in a dramatic format.  The point to the series is to educate the public about the history of the Hawaiian islands and the Hawaiian people who struggle everyday with these issues.

This series is meant to create a dialogue and engage our viewers to discuss openly about what is currently going on and the history behind it all.  It is ultimately up to the people of Hawaii and the United States government to decide the destiny of Hawaii and it’s people. 

Cineplex Studios is proud to present this ground breaking dramatic TV series to enlighten our audience and educate our viewers about this continuing struggle that exists even to this day.

We hope that you will enjoy season one and continue to watch as the plat thickens in season two of Hawaiian Sovereignty. 

Ruby Mercado

Starting with Episode 5, Ruby Mercado stars as Emily Motson, will lead a new cast for the remaining two episodes of season one and into season two.

With this new cast comes more action and adventure as both the Hawaiian’s and United States officials try to determine what to do about the future of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.

Season 2 promises to the best season ever as both sides battle it out for control of Hawaii with Emily in the middle of it all. 

Vicky Lee, Producer / Actress

Vicky comes to Hawaiian Sovereignty in the last part of season one as the shows Producer and one of the guest stars of the series.  Vicky’s character in the series is very unique because as an FBI agent she is loyal to the US, but is torn because of her ties to the Hawaiian people.

Simone Goergens, Maritime Producer

Simone brings great value and knowledge of the boating experience to the Hawaiian Sovereignty production.  Simone is in charge of acquiring the cooperation of the local boating community to help out with the filming of Hawaiian Sovereignty, both on land and at sea.

Linda Wong

Plays the real Leilani starting with episode 5.  Her has been in hiding ever since her found out that DNA test have confirmed she is Hawaiian Ali’i.   Leilani feels that she is ready to lead the Hawaiian people and that she doesn’t have the political know/

Through many struggles Leilani knows that is it up to her to find a way to re-establish her country and it’s government.  So she has taken it upon herself to aggressively go after the United States on as many fronts as possible until they are willing to sit down and make a deal that everyone can live with.

Fall TV Preview

Cineplex Studios presents your first look at our fall TV preview of Hawaiian Sovereignty.

This dramatic TV series will be syndicated around the country starting in late 2016.  Check your local listings for availability.