Episode 2

Lenora must deal with her new position as lead FBI agent with Jenny Bryant, who doesn’t seem to understand about security as she throws a large political fund raiser.

Episode 3

Lenora takes some time off and lets her guard down only to find herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Episode 4

As a result of political favors and sides taken, Lenora must make the hardest decision of her life.

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Episode 5

Lenora is discovering that nothing is going the way she has planned with her career and her personal life and that everything is out of her control.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Coming Soon

Episode 6

Emily Morton is now the lead agent of the FBI special protection detail to the newly elected President of the United States and immediately has to deal with aiding the President on helping to solve the Hawaiian sovereignty issue.

                                                                                      Coming Soon

Episode 7

Emily has become the center of concern as she often disappears and has been seen meeting secretly with Mr. Knight. Has Emily become a traitor to the U.S.?  

                                                                                       Coming Soon

Episode 1

Lenora Matson gets her dream job, to be assigned to protect Craig Bryant who is running as a third party candidate for President of the United States of America.

Episode 8

Emily is captured and tortured for over six months, is shocked to see an old friend walk through the door one day and invites her to be a guest of Celina Lindstrom, the new head of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

Miss Hawaii 2008 Guest Stars in this episode

Coming Soon

Episode 9

After discovering a plot to kill her, Emily has gone into hiding and is living on the streets. Her only hope of survival is to find someone who still believes that she is not a traitor to the U.S. while Celina Lindstrom continues to gain more power now that Emily is out of the picture.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

A power vacuum develops with the special FBI task force that test all of the agents and puts them to their limits and beyond to protect the President of the United States.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Emily finds a safe harbor with Ramon to collect her thoughts and to decide her fate, return to the FBI as a traitor or return to Celina to support the Hawaiian Sovereignty                                                                                                                                                                                     Coming Soon

Episode 12

Emily finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster ride as she is offered a new position in the CIA working for Celina Lindstrom and she soon discovers a life altering event is about to happen to her.

                                                                                              Coming Soon