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The Television Acting Lab Experience

REIMAGINING the acting lab

Welcome to the television acting lab presented by Cineplex Studios.  We are a one of a kind next generation acting lab.  No other acting lab comes close to what we offer.   Read more...

Our own produced shows have aired on the following affiliate television stations, the CW, KHON - FOX TV and ABC-TV.

We have been delivering television shows since 2013 and are adding more local network affiliate stations all the time.

We know what kind of dramatic programming the local affiliate TV stations are looking for and we fill that need.

In this process, we have now developed the television acting lab to help actors gain the much needed working knowledge of learning the craft of television acting on a student TV series.

Nothing can prepare an actor like actual experience on a real set location.

Where do I begin in recommending Fred Copeland?

As a writer, Fred creates unique and colorful characters. His ability to "flesh out" these characters through written action and dialogue make for intriguing and dramatic scenes.

As a director, Fred understands what his actors need. He has a great sense about him; he knows when we need a moment to get to an emotional place for our character. He is creative with how he utilizes camera angles and close-ups to tell his story.

As a producer, Fred is organized and persistent. He works wonders with every resource he has available and manages his time wisely. He has a great business sense- and the passion to see his projects through to completion.

I am proud to have had the opportunity of working with such a talented industry professional.

Kristin Mellian

Professor of Acting, Compass College of Cinematic Arts


Fred is a highly effective director and writer who knows how to utilize his resources in order to best represent actors, as myself, and the storyline.
Furthermore, Fred's direction enabled me as an actor, to understand not just the story but also the intricacies behind taping.

Katheryne Win, SAG Actress

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