Turning Dreams into Reality

Cineplex Studios actors log in

Founded in 2004, Cineplex Studios focuses on ‘Turning Dreams into Reality’, by casting actors in various online and TV series produced by Cineplex Studios.  In 2013, Cineplex Studios sci-fi series, Destiny aired on ABC-TV and the CW in Texas.  

Cineplex Studios is all about giving actors the ability and opportunity to do things that they would not normally get in Hollywood.  Actors can not only learn ‘on the job training’ for acting, but other behind the scenes jobs, like Producing, Directing, Writing, Editing, ect.  This way the actors are able to learn all aspects of production at the same time in an eye opening experience.  All training is done for free and credit is posted on IMDb.  

Cineplex Studios currently has an exclusive program for ‘Actor/Executive Producers’ to gain valuable experience and knowledge in both acting and promotion of the shows the actors are involved with.  This one of a kind, exclusive actor/producer program is full and currently closed to new entrants.  A waiting list has been formed and actors wishing to get into this program must be acting on a regular series with Cineplex Studios for a minimum of six months before being considered for the actor/producer program wait list.  

Thinking outside the box has made this exclusive program a huge success.   Cineplex Studios continues to grow in the online and Television platforms.


Cineplex Studios

The owner of Cineplex Studios,Fred Copeland, with the cast of Hawaiian Sovereignty, now showing on Amazon Prime