Cineplex Studios introduces a brand new novel book series based on the television series, Journey.  

In Justice of the Journeys (a trilogy book series), Journey, aka, The First One must leave the protection of her isolated home in the South Pacific and venture out into the world to undo what her evil sister, Joureign has been spending years setting up, a way to become the Grand Supreme Empress of the entire Journey race.

Journey finds herself jumping from reality to reality to locate and stop Joureign who has altered the history of the planet.  Journey must stop Joureign at any cost, even if it means her own life.e to move me or to bring up the resize handles and Squeegee Tool. The resize handles allow you to make me any size you want. The Squeegee Tool, located in the top left of any selected object, helps you move all objects below it up or down to create or remove space.  

A race that has been dead for thousands of years suddenly comes to life in order to save all of humanity.  

Get ready for the Journey clones

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