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Our acting lab managers are Junior Partners / shareholders of Cineplex Studios and working actors on current television shows that Cineplex Studios is producing.

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Our Acting Lab

Redefining & Reimagining the television acting lab

Cineplex Studios is redefining the learning experience when it comes to our brand new and reimagined acting lab.   We have taken a hard look at how the average acting lab works and decided that we could do much better.    We built a brand new business model and have now created a way for our actors to get the real experience of being on a scheduled TV episode that we are calling a "student TV pilot".  

Our Television Acting Lab is unequaled in what we offer to all of our students. We set out to create an industry leading product and have opened up a new way of teaching for television, raising the bar and creating a new benchmark for others to follow.  Cineplex Studios has created added value in our acting labs by offering a polished demo reel of your best scenes in the student TV series, IMDB credit for the episode you are in and the broadcasting of the same episode to over 12 million homes in the Los Angeles viewing area.  No one else comes close to offering this value-added service. Cineplex Studios is leading the way in offering our students the finest preeminent learning approach, real world "hands-on" learning, and a first-rate polished demo reel.  

Teaching is our number one goal.  Servicing your needs is our top priority.

Our Main Instructor

Executive Producer / Class Advisor

Fred Copeland has over 30 years of production experience, ranging from development to distribution this includes being a former ABC -TV morning news producer and two seasons as executive producer of the TV show, Open House Hawaiian Style that aired on KHON 2 - Fox TV in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He has recently completed filming of a new dramatic television series called 'Hawaiian Sovereignty'.

As the CEO and founder of Cineplex Studios Fred Copeland has assembled and continue to assemble a very unique group of individuals from the Hollywood entertainment industry who have a strong desire to enhance their careers and to help others succeed.  This group of talented people are working for a common goal.  A place of not only producing television shows, but also a place of teaching and learning. A place for people to develop their talents in a hands on environment, while at the same time, being a production company that gives back to the community.  That is what makes Cineplex Studios different than any other studio. Fred Copeland who is a signatory producer with the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America west, looks forward to working with all of you, who are following your dream, as we continue 'Turning Dreams Into Reality'.

Our Guarantee

The Television Acting Lab Guarantee

Cineplex Studios has the only actors television lab in the world that offers you the choice of being on broadcast television to over 12 million homes in the Los Angeles area.  We have the business arrangements already in place to make this happen.  

We are the only acting lab in Los  Angeles that offers this unique level of service.  No other acting lab comes close to this.

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Refreshments will be available in all lab sessions.

Class Advisor

Diane Linder  has been training and coaching actors throughout the Los Angeles area for close to 20 years, bringing out each actor’s unique and authentic talents through a natural reaction process. Diane recently filmed the role of “Lydia,” The Angel of Romance” in the film “Angels on Tap,” starring with legends, Ed Asner, Marion Ross, Jamie Farr, and Alan Rachins.  She also recently performed in Art In Relation’s“Broadway-L.A.”

Curently, she is filming leading roles in Fred Copeland’s Cineplex Studios’ productions as “Kay Osbourne” in Solitaire, and “The Evil Empress Divina” in Hybrid, soon to be released on Amazon Prime.

Completing her abilities as a triple threat, Diane performed many years as a principle ballet dancer with The Gene Marinaccio Ballet Company, and, as Director of Malibu Civic Ballet, Diane directed and choreographed the annual “Nutcracker Ballet”, at Pepperdine University for five years.  Diane also trains young dancers, singers and actors as part of her Musical Theatre Company, “Centre Stage Repertory Company”.  Diane trained with the renowned acting coach, Rick Walters, (trained Michelle Pfeiffer, Mariska Hargitay, Robert De Niro).

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Our Head Writer

Wendy Casey most current employment is as a writing consultant at Ohio State University. Wendy's undergrad degrees are in English and Psychology, with graduate work in Film Studies with the concentration on screenwriting. In 1998 her screenplay entitled SURREAL QUALITIES was offered an option agreement. Additionally, at this time she is currently attached to additional  writing projects. Wendy will be writing the feature film adaption to the novel SHATTERED A LIFE TORN APART in the future.

Wendy also joined the writing team at Cineplex Studios and wrote episode #3 of THE CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE, which was followed by the writing of the feature film RACHEL.  Another novel adaption is in the works for a 2014 production for the VISIONS OF THE NEVER SEEN, with author Doeray Griffith.  Lastly, Wendy's latest feature screenplay is THE PRODIGAL FILM currently in development and is soon be to a major film production with Michael Walters based on his treatment. When Wendy is not writing or helping students become better writers, she can be found in her horse barn. Wendy's own titles include SEVEN NIGHTS, MEMORY TRACE, SURREAL QUALITIES, DEADLY SPIRITS, 8 DAY CLOCK, and THE DOGS KNOW.