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Turning D‍‍‍ream‍‍‍‍‍‍s into Reality

                                The Journey Story

Journey is Cineplex Studios signature sci-fi series production starring Juliette Hourani as Journey, The First One.  A clone from the future with ancient mystical powers, living among us today, to protect her future.   This ongoing series‍‍‍ gets better and better every year.  We are currently filming our 10th season that will premiere on KVMD TV this coming January.  In season 10 Juliette Hourani takes on the role of all the clones (this is a first for the series) , acting in multiple clone roles.   This season also stars Diane Linder and Frank Ludwig as Journey's parents.  You can watch season 10 this January on Amazon Video and KVMD TV, Los Angeles.