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Are you frustrated that most acting classes tend to be, limited, expensive, dull and don't teach what todays actor needs to further your acting career?

Some acting classes even charge you...

Registration fees

Administrative fees

Application fees


The only lab that offers students a series regular role.

Unlimited learning

The Cineplex Studios Acting Lab is a one-of-a-kind unique acting lab where you are cast in an on-going actual dramatic streaming series.  Your learning potential is truly unlimited in the learning environment of our streaming series.  You can stay enrolled as long as you like.  We don't place a time restriction on your learning.


We understand the cost involved with learning and perfecting your acting craft.  So we have structured our acting lab to make it the most affordable acting lab, and the only acting lab in Los Angeles offering this level and kind of experience to actors.

Oh!  By the way, we don't charge fees or deposits.

Exciting classes

Excitement is at the core of what we do here at the Cineplex Studios Acting Lab.  There is never a dull moment, from getting the script, to the table read, to filming, and after every filming session, the class critique.  Our class sessions are online and in-person.  We are the only acting lab around that offers this level of learning.

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#1 In Student Satisfaction

We take student satisfaction very seriously for each and every acting student.  The owner and main instructor, Fred Copeland brings the knowledge of how to win the J.D. Power award in customer satisfaction and applies it to the acting lab.


What makes Cineplex Studios Acting Lab different from all the other acting classes?  We are not a cookie cutter operation.  We re-imagine your unique characters that are in our on-going series to create a one-of-a-kind enhanced character development for your specific character.

Individual Focus

Experience Matters

You get over 35 years of creative media experience with Cineplex Studios Acting Lab.  We have knowledge in all areas from development through distribution with various media platforms.


Why you should learn from us

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Jake Jensen  PhD


College Professor


Tullia Ferraro

                             International leading actress

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You want to audit the class?

Of course you can!

We allow up to two class sessions audits for free.  But don't expect to just sit and watch, you will be actively participating by acting in the episode as a normal class member.  This way you get the full experience.

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The Acting Lab application process


Click on the apply button on this page and submit your application


If selected, you will be contacted to submit a video audition from a scripted scene we provide.

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Once your audition has been selected, you will be scheduled for an interview where we will assign you a character for our dramatic student streaming series.

Once you are accepted, select and pay for which program you would like.

This will complete the application process.




  • Character development in a streaming series
  • Act in on-going dramatic series
  • Access to unedited footage
  • Class episode review critique
  • Download unedited footage after release of the episode with no watermark and no on-screen timecode
  • (6 month commitment)




  • The Basic package is included free with the Premiere package as a Bonus!
  • All class sessions are once a month for one hour each.____________________________
  • One-on-one scene coaching (online or in person)
  • Marketing yourself as an actor (one-on-one consulting, giving you tips and pointers to help you market yourself, setting you apart from the other actors)
  • Coaching session for actors (How to stay on your "A" game through the use of goals, and routines with accountability)
  • Monthly Q & A sessions dealing with acting and anything Hollywood-related. (You will tap into instructors 40 years of experience and get straightforward truthful answers to all your questions)




  • Your choice of writing or directing for this package
  • Learn how to write a script for a dramatic streaming series
  • Learn to direct the episode you wrote the script for
  • downloadable video file of the episode you wrote or directed


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Main Instructor


Executive Producer/Instructor Fred Copeland has amassed 40 years of production and distribution experience in the Hollywood industry and has written, produced and directed his own original shows that have aired on ABC-TV, the CW, FOX-TV, Amazon Prime Video, and other smaller local TV stations across the country.

A former ABC-TV morning news producer and former SAG signatory Producer, as well as a former WGAw signatory Producer, Fred has created the Cineplex Studios Actors Lab for aspiring actors to get real world acting experience like none other.

THE ACTING LAB by Cineplex Studios

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"40 Years of Production Experience!"

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