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We start teaching where other acting classes stop.  

Get real acting experience here.  

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Welcome to the Cineplex Studios Acting Lab podcast library.

Learn more about our business philosophy and how we envision the future of Hollywood.

Season Two is starting soon.

Season Two of Hollywood Re-Imagined will focus on the features and benefits of attending the acting lab.    Our new host will be announced soon and co-host Fred Copeland will continue as the voice of the acting lab.  We will continue to interview actors on the show who may or may not be a part of the acting lab.  The discussions will cover a side range of topics that relate to the re-imagining of Hollywood and how the people conduct business.


We look forward to the many new people (and some returning) to the podcast and their view points.  New episodes will be posted here on this page and on Spotify.  The new schedule will be announced soon.